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We aim to support animal rescue and shelter communities by helping create more humane animal welfare policy at the city and state levels, nationwide. We fight for your right to paw-ty!

Rescue. Rehab. Rehome.

We support municipal shelters in Southern California, by providing adoptions, foster care, medical intervention and a whole lotta love... 

Rockin' for The Rescues

Leveraging entertainment industry relationships to bring attention and funding to responsible, education and information driven animal rescue, advocacy & welfare campaigns, causes and non-profit organizations.  We are the champions, for our four legged friends. 

Our Rescue & Foster Initiatives

The Most Pet Friendly House in America

Rescues Rock, Inc. operates this unique rescue and foster facility located at the BarkPark compound in Los Angeles, CA. The Most Pet Friendly House in America will begin taking in fosters for the Eastwood Ranch Foundation in November 2018

FosterAPet.Net will be re-branded as FosterAPet.Net in December of 2018. Rescues Rock, Inc. and The Eastwood Ranch Foundation in a partnership with Los Angeles Animal Services will sign up and manage their foster programs using this innovative online foster network.

Rescues Rock, Inc. has partnered with Pet Express, a Los Angeles based indie pet store and distributor, to launch an online pet store at Rescues Rock, Inc. receives a portion of the proceeds to help fund our foster, rescue and policy initiatives. 

Our Policy Initiatives

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Kristen Stavola

Barkin' Bitch

Anna Spheeris Fox

Rescue Wrangler

Carolyn Hennessy

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Ambassador of Awww

Alison Eastwood

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Liz Randall

Cat Addict

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